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«HIDETAL-GP-9» alfa «A»

Superplasticizer 5th generation (giperplasticizer) on the basis
of ether polycarboxylates for structural concrete


The addition has a set of properties:

The main properties – water reduction , lamination;

Additional properties - speed dialing early strength, high frost resistance and impermeability of concrete;

Increased mobility of b / s

P1-P5, OK> 27cm,

Reducing water flow

up to 30%

Reduction in cement consumption

up to 25%

Curing More

than 60% on the third day

Frost resistance

increase of 2 stamps and more

Water resistance

increase of 4 stages and more

The interaction with the reinforcement

reinforcement passivation

* - When using waterreduced composition, relative to the control.

Sphere of application

All types of concrete, including prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete products specifically responsible, in particular:

  • In the manufacture of all types of precast / concrete structures and products of heavy concrete strength class B20 and above;
  • When concreting thickly reinforced structures;
  • In the manufacture of self-compacting concrete;
  • In the manufacture of products on the hard concrete mixtures;
  • In the production of products, which are increased requirements for frost or water-tight;


  • It is advisable to use in concrete class B20 from above with the mobilities of P1 to P5;
  • Due to the high water reducing capacity significantly reduces the consumption of cement with access to the brand strength;
  • Can significantly reduce the time and change the mode of TSS or to provide dual circulation forms in the day;
  • Reduces or eliminates water separation and high-mobility bundle on mixtures;
  •  When using a plasticizing effect - reduces the vibration of products facilitates compaction of the concrete. In combination with additional measures can significantly improve the quality of the surface;
  • Increases water-resistance and frost resistance of concrete;
  • A short-term freeze storage - after thawing does not change behavior;
  • Additive is not inflammable. Not a stench - has a slight technical odor;
  • Long periods of storage in containers does not precipitate. 

The dosage and administration of supplements

From 0.6 to 1.5% by weight of the liquid cement additive substance.

When dosing additives in terms of the weight of the cement additives should adhere to the following order: First, calculate the weight of additives, based on bookmarks cement. Then you can calculate: Volume supplements, (l) = weight additives (kg) / density of the additive; (exact density additives indicated in the passport, by lot or on the label).

Introduced together with the mixing water.

Do not inject into the dry mix!

The best effect is achieved with the introduction of additives to the third part of the mixing water. That is, mixed concrete is mixed in full ingridientnom format with two thirds of mixing water. The third portion of water is mixed with metered amounts of additive injected into the mixer. Thereafter, stirring should continue for at least 60 seconds.

Commodity description

State of aggregation The liquid of commodity concentration
Color From light yellow to dark brown
Density, g/cm3 1,075 ± 0,01
PH-indicator unit. Not less than 6.5 6.5
The content of Cl ¯,% not more than 0.1
Mass fraction of solids At least 25% ± 2,5
Storage Temperature from +5 ° C to +35 ° C
Packing Pl. tank 15, 220 and 1000 kg

Safety and transportation

The product is a 4-hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007 (moderately hazardous).

Working personnel must use personal protective equipment according to GOST 12.4.011. Eye Contact - rinse thoroughly with water and, if necessary - see a doctor.

Do not discharge into drains, soil or bodies of water! Disposal of supplements must be made according to local regulations.

Compatibility with other products

Manufacturer investigated compatibility only with the products' SKT-standard. " Compatible with products of other manufacturers - has not been tested.

    "HIDETAL-GP-9" alpha "A" compatible:

  •  with "HIDETAL-P-7" - concrete hardening accelerator according to the dosage of the latter;
  • with "HIDETAL-P-8" - air-entraining agent to increase the F and W.
  • with LMS or START - to improve air entrainment;

Warranty and storage conditions

Shelf life - 1 year from date of manufacture. After expiration, the additive can be used as intended, after laboratory testing.

For storage conditions of special requirements. It is desirable to avoid prolonged direct insolation and freezing containers additive. After freezing, the additive can be used after a slow thawing at room temperature, followed by stirring.

The effectiveness of additives

The following are excerpts from scientific and technical report NIIZhB conducted in 2012. Based on these data it is possible to obtain an overview of the properties of the additives, however, these properties may vary significantly depending on the composition of the concrete, cement properties and fillers.

              All tests use the following compositions:

The mixture composition control with addition
Cement PC500-D0, kg 352 359/364*
Sand Mach, 2.5 kg 692 707/715*
Crushed granite 5-20, kg 1131 1156/1175*
Water, L 180 183 / 142 *
"HIDETAL-GP-9" alpha "A" - 0,2%-1,6% / 1% (3,3 L.)*
ОК, см 3 25,0 / 2,5 *
ВЦ 0,51 0,51 / 0,39 *

* - A fraction of the value:

the first number - the study of increasing mobility;
the second number - the study of water-reducing actions;

                               Effect of dosing of concrete mobility (OK in cm)


                                         Analysis of shear strength in water-reducing effect.

Strength of the samples, MPa 1 day n.tv 3  day n.tv 28  day
Control 8,64 17,7 33,5
With additive
"HIDETAL-GP-9" alpha "A"
10,83 (+25,4%) 29,2 (+64,9%) 49,3 (+47,1%)


                                    Analysis of the increase frost resistance and impermeability 

Type of concrete Rszh counter. arr-in to sat. comp. to ispy-tany, MPa Number
Rszh cycles,

Rszh The tests MPa Loss (-)

increase (+)

By grade of concrete frost resistance,
Control 32,7

3 31,9 - 2,45 100
4 30,1 - 7,95 -
5 29,3 - 10,4 -
Additional paid-in
"HIDETAL-GP-9" alpha "A"

3 49,7 + 2,47 100
4 48,9 + 0,82 150
5 48,3 - 0,4 200
8 47,5 - 2,06 300

In the study of cold resistance and water resistance was used additional compound that is used to study the properties of the water-reducing additive.

Frost resistance is tested by the "third" accelerated method:

Water-resistant to GOST 12730.5 "Concrete. Methods for determination of water resistance ":

Type of concrete Watertight bridges series of samples, MPa Mark on waterproof bridge
Control 4 W4
Additional with
"HIDETAL-GP-9" alpha "A"
14 W14