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Our company develops and produces complex chemical additives for the construction industry: curing accelerators, plasticizers and superplasticizers, a series of "Universal-M", "HIDETAL-P" and "HIDETAL-GP-9."

To date, the company's products used in the production in all regions of Russia and CIS countries. Geography of deliveries of our products is vast: MO, St. Petersburg, virtually all areas of the Central Federal District, the Urals, Siberia, Primorsky Krai, Southern Federal District, the Volga region, Kaliningrad, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Additives used successfully: in-house construction, bridge building, tunneling, in the production of polystyrene foam-and-concrete, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, ready-mixed concrete, on the lines of molding and formless for monolithic concrete. Manufacturing plants are located in g.Novozybkov Bryansk region. and in Kolomna region. MO. Offices are located in the cities of Gomel, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg. In cities: Aktobe, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Kiev, Kostroma, Samara dealers are selling our products.

Direction of the company:

Developing world-class supplements, focusing on the latest advances in science and with the possibility of wide industrial use of the raw materials used. Conducting research in new areas, taking into account the achievements of nanotechnology, polymer test fixtures, the use of effective corrosion inhibitors, and protecting coatings.

All our developments supplements before going into production tested at NIIZhB Russian Federation, Moscow (Head of Laboratory. Stepanova VF). In Belarus, they are tested in the National Technical University (laboratory-modified concrete, Head. Lab. Ph.D. Poleyko NL). In Ukraine, they are tested in GNIISK (Department of manufacturing technology of reinforced concrete structures, head of the laboratory. Ph.D. Professor Sheynich LA)

The company participates in exhibitions, seminars and conferences held in Russia, CIS and Europe, including organized by the Government of the Russian Federation.