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History of Innovation

1997  The first independent development "SKT Standard" - an additive in concrete "LMG-P-1", which allowed without steaming for 24-36 hours to gain up to 50% of the rated strength of the concrete. The next addition of  "Universal-P-2" this until  exponent increased to 70%.
1998  has been introduced in the production of super-plasticizer - Accelerator - an inhibitor of  "Universal-P-4".
For winter concretining at t minus 20 ° C released additive for new concretes  "Winter-P-3".  Its joint use of additives in combination with "Universal P-2" and "Universal P-4" can significantly reduce the dosage of a concrete additive. In addition, the additives of the brand "Universal-P" have a wide range of applications and stability when changing cements
2000  for winter concreting at t minus 30 ° C modified additive for concrete "Winter-P-3".
2004  have been established to develop and release "HIDETAL-P-5", "HIDETAL-P-7" and "HIDETAL-P-6".
Registered trademark for products "HIDETAL" Rospatent.
2006  For the first time in Russia and the CIS has developed and put into production a completely new series of additives for concrete - giperplastifikatorov based polycarboxylates - "HIDETAL-GP-9".
2007  Developments  were confirmed in NIIZhB certification testing and harmonization of technical specifications for additive
"HIDETAL-GP-9" alpha "- for precast concrete and "HIDETAL-GP-9 "beta" for ready-mixed concrete.
2009  certified and put into production, "HIDETAL - GP-9" gamma "- a hardening accelerator for concrete on the basis  ve polycarboxylates. Modification of the "G" of the concrete admixtures specifically designed for use on the lines forming formless and vibro pressed products.
2010–2011  2010-2011 years. Put into production a completely new supplement - Antifreeze giperplastifikator "HIDETAL-GP-9" delta ". Application polycarboxylates possible to reduce the dosage administration to 0.4-1.6%, which is several times lower than any other conventional antifreeze additives based salts.
CNIIS obtained an expert opinion on the use of additives in concrete "HIDETAL-GP-9 alpha" and "HIDETAL-GP-9 beta" for different designs of the transport infrastructure. Previously received a similar conclusion on the basis of tests carried out by NIIZhB.
Issue additive "HIDETAL-S-3" - superplasticizer-concrete hardening accelerator.
Designed additive "UNIVERSAL-P-2S" for technological lines like "Tensiland"
2011  brought to market a new product - cement grinding aids "HIDETAL-10". The company's products "SKT Standard" recognized winner of the All-Russian contest  "100 best goods of Russia".
2012  A highly efficient plasticizer for a broad application of the "HIDETAL-P-1". The difference between this development lies in the low cost and versatility premineniya. He is well-suited for ready-mixed concrete, and for in-plant applications.
So, this year put into production additive "HIDETAL-P-8" for the production of goods and vibropressovannykh "HIDETAL-R-1" for the production of solutions.