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Message from the Director

The group of companies "SKT-Standard", which consists of three production plants and six sales offices, is one of the few manufacturers that have their own scientific - research and laboratory facilities. During the research we have obtained 10 patents. All our developments are confirmed by the certificate of conformity and the expert opinions of the leading institutions of the industry. Products of our company for several years is the nominee and winner of the "100 BEST PRODUCTS OF RUSSIA".

Constant input and output control and modern production techniques have enabled us to achieve a high, and most importantly, stable product quality.

Our main goal - to work with our customers. Only in partnership can achieve high results. Cooperation benefits all - you get the best price and quality products, and we are gaining new experience. This experience can not be estimated in money or something else. It is our capital stock. We do not aim to cover more and more areas of activity, but we want that to be the production of additives for concrete of our products are the best.

The site contains only basic - typical, types of additives. And do not be fooled, that many of them have similar characteristics. When the external similarity and similar characteristics, all our recipes are different and designed for different compositions of concrete mixes and specificity for different production activities. Each of these further additives is their modifications which have been adapted to the different cements and fillers. That's why we believe provide feedback to the commissioning departments of our customers - the most important factor in achieving a good result.

But not only in the development of new additives in concrete we see the future of our company. Particular attention is being given to reducing the cost of our production and logistics. Our plans include the creation of additional missions, which will reduce the transport component in the price of products.

           If you use our products and have any complaints or questions on product quality or performance of our staff - please contact us. This comment gets to the company, and we will promptly let you know about the action taken. For the management of your wishes are very important. They allow us to stay "in touch" with our customers.

General Director
Managing company "Group of companies" SKT-Standard "
Vlasenko Alexander Mihailovich