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«WINTER-P-3 (-30°С)»

Antifreeze agents for concrete


Antifreeze additive "WINTER-P-3 (-20 ° C)" and "winter-P-3 (-30 ° C)" on the basis of inorganic and organic salts are sodium and potassium antifreeze additives lowering the freezing point of concrete and mortar mixtures.

Designed to operate in winter conditions, based on a "cold" concrete, ambient temperatures from 0 ° C to -20 ° C and - 30 ° C, respectively.

The composition of additives include chemicals, directed against the fast-setting concrete and mortar.

It is also part of the inhibitor, which prevents the interaction of the components of salt supplementation with fittings and mortgage details.

Sphere of application

 Additive used in the manufacture of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures for industrial and civil construction at temperatures from 0 ° C to -20 ° C and -30 ° C.

It is also economically viable use of additives in the preparation of mortars in the winter.

The dosage and administration of supplements

Design temperature solidification, ° C

Dosage additives,% by weight of cement

"WINTER-P-3 (-20 ° C)"

"WINTER-P-3 (-30 ° C)"

From 0 to -5



  from-5 to -10



     from -10 to -15



  from -15 to -20



  from -20 to -30



The recommended concentration of the additive in the liquid solution - not more than 48%. Insoluble in water balance - no more than 3%.

Allowed to use warm fillers containing no ice on the beans and lumps of frozen. The duration of mixing concrete mix should be increased to not less than 25%.

Commodity description

Modular condition

crystal powder

Color White
PH-indicator, unit, not less 7
Maintenance Cl¯, % no more no
Mass fraction of solid matters, % not less 90
Storage temperature, °С from -30°С o +30°С

Packing Polypropylene bags of 20kg.

Safety and transportation

The product concerns 4 class of danger in accordance with GOST 12.1.007 (little dangerous substance). Application of means of individual defence is necessary for the working personnel agrees GOST 12.4.011. At hit in eyes - plentifully to wash out water and if necessary - to address to the doctor. Not to pour out in soil, the water drain or ponds! Additive recycling should be made according to requirements of the local legislation.

Compatibility with other products

«Winter-P-3 (-20°S)»it is compatible:

             With a lime which is a part of water mortars and mixes.

             With series plasticizers «Hidetal», for increase in mobility of a mix at small negative temperatures, for the purpose of an exception of the over-expenditure of the additive.

«Winter-P-3 (-30°S)» it is not compatible to a lime! 

Warranty and storage conditions

Storage warranty period - 1 year from the date of manufacture. After the storage expiry of the term, the additive can be applied to destination, after carrying out of laboratory researches. The powder is exclusively absorbent! Storage at temperature above 10°С in the conditions of the raised moisture content can lead размоканию a powder. It does not affect characteristics of the additive, - to use the same as also an initial powder.

The effectiveness of additives

                                             Set of durability with addition «Winter-P-3 (-20°S)»

The temperature solidification, ° C Strength in% of control R28, is solid under normal conditions
7 day 14 day. 28 day 90 day
  from 0 to  -5 30 50 70 90
  from -5 to -10 20 35 50 70
from -10 to -15 15 25 35 60
   from -15 to 20 10 20 30 50

Set of durability with addition «Winter
-П-3 (-30°С)»
The temperature solidification, ° C Strength in% of control R28, is solid under normal conditions  
7 day 14 day. 28 day 90 day     
  from  0 to -5 50 65 75 100
  from -5 to-10 30 50 70 90
   from -10 to -15 25 40 65 80
   from -15 to 20 25 40 55 70
    from 0 to -5 20 30 50 60