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Enhancer grinding cement containing no chloride.


Cement grinding aids "HIDETAL-10" is designed for:

  • Reduction of grinding cement;
  • Reduce the cost of cement, by reducing the electricity consumed in the grinding of clinker;
  • Increase productivity milling equipment;
  • Improvements fractional composition of cement, which leads to its more complete hydrolysis in concrete;
  • HIDETAL-10" is available in 9 versions for more efficient use of materials with a variety of clinker;


  • Improving the quality of cement grinding mills, by reducing the build-up to the ball mill grinding balls;
  • Higher efficiency of separating particles reduces aggregation of cement particles;
  • The increase in the quality characteristics of cement through the optimal grinding and equidimensional particles;
  • More rapid achievement of the required fineness (particle size) of the particles;

Commodity description

Aggregate state Viscous liquid commodity concentration
Color From light yellow to brown
The content of alkali metals No more than 1% (based on
The content of Cl ¯,% not more than 0,1
Storage Temperature, ° C from +5°С Up to +75°С
Packing Plastic containers 15, 220 and 1000 kg

The indicator Water content,%, not more than Mass fraction of active substances,%, not less Activity
ions at 20 ° C
10-01 25±2 75±2 6
10-02 25±2 75±2 6
10-03 30±2 70±2 8
10-04 30±2 70±2 8
10-05 30±2 70±2 9
10-06 30±2 70±2 7
10-07 30±2 70±2 7
10-08 30±2 70±2 7
10-09 33±2 67±2 7

Safety and transportation

        The product is a 3-hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007
(moderately hazardous). MPC supplements in the working area - no more than 2 mg.
Working personnel must use personal protective equipment according to GOST 12.4.011. Eye Contact - rinse thoroughly with water and, if necessary - see a doctor.
        Do not discharge into drains, soil or bodies of water! Disposal of supplements must be made according to local regulations.

Warranty and storage conditions

Shelf life - 1 year from date of manufacture. After expiration, the additive can be used as intended, after laboratory testing.

After freezing does not change its properties. Defrosting supplements should be produced at room temperature. After thawing, mix thoroughly necessarily additive.

For storage conditions of special requirements.

The effectiveness of additives

The required amount of the additive D, (kg) determined according to the formula: D = CX/100;

where: C - grinding of the material measured in kilograms;

X - Additives Dosage in% of cement weight (0.005-0.04);

Required additives V, (n) is given by:

V = D / ρ

where: D - the amount of addition, kg

ρ - density of the additive according to the modification:

(Table 2)

Modification additives Densitykg / m ³
10-01 1145
10-02 1155
10-03 1160
10-04 1130
10-05 1110
10-06 1140
10-07 1200
10-08 1195
10-09 1165

     The introduction of additives requires a change in the mode of the mill, the degree of filling, as well as the changeover of auxiliary devices, especially separators.

     The additive is introduced directly into the clinker grinding mill uniformly through metering device.

     Duration of grinding and modifying additives used are determined experimentally.