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«HIDETAL-GP-9» delta «А»

Superplasticizer 5th generation (giperplasticizer) on the basis
of ether polycarboxylates for concretes


Using giperplasticizer "HIDETAL-GP-9" delta "A", "HIDETAL-GP-9" delta "B" permit an increase in the mobility of the concrete mix to a P1 to P5, to make concrete work at low ambient temperatures, according to GOST 24211 - 2008:

On a method of "warm concrete»:

-20°С and more low

On a method of "cold concrete»: 


ATTENTION! Updating "V" differs from updating "A" only a solid matter mass fraction, in density and an introduction dosage. Other parametres are completely identical. Therefore, for amenity, further under the text the additive of updating "A" will be described.

Efficiency of action of the additive is caused by complex interaction with a concrete mix:

- For use account polycarboxylates, the water cement parity decreases. It leads to that till the moment of fall of a concrete temperature more low 0°С, the greatest possible part of water enters reaction of hydration with cement and is in the connected condition;

- The accelerating components which are a part of the additive provide the extremely intensive set of initial durability that increases a hydration heat of cement and allows to achieve critical durability in the shortest terms.

- The components of the additive entering reaction with remained free water, form connections электролитического a type and interfere with its freezing to-20°S.

Mobility increase b/s

P1-P5, ОК> 25сm, RК> 63сm

Water flow reduction

to 30%

Reduction of the expense of cement

to 25%

Frost resistance

Increase at 2 marks and more


Increase at 4 steps and more

Interaction with armature

passivation fittings

* - At use of the water reduced structure, concerning the telltale.

** - For safe and stable work it is not recommended to reduce the cement maintenance at work temperatures more low-10-12°S;

Sphere of application

All sorts of concrete, including prestressed ferroconcrete and     
      especially responsible concrete products, in particular:

  •       By manufacture of commodity concrete in winter conditions;
  •       Intrafactory manufacture reinforced-concrete and concrete articles in conditions without
  •       Parboiling technologies;
  •       In road concreting;
  •       At preparation of water mortars during the winter period;


  • Low dosage.
  • Does not demand additional operation on dilution.
  • Use in any classes of concrete is expedient, at mobility from П1 to П5;
  • Efficiency does not freeze and keeps at storage to-30°S that allows to use the additive on open             proving grounds or not to allocate the equipped premises for additive storage on manufacture;
  • For the account of high water reducing ability allows to reduce considerably the expense of cement       with an exit to branded durability ***;
  • Reduces water partitioning off and an exfoliation on высокоподвижных mixes;
  • At use plasticizing effect - reduces time of vibrating of products, facilitates concrete consolidation.
  • Raises water tightness and frost resistance of concrete;
  • The additive not горюча. It is not fetid, - possesses an easy technical smell;

*** - Value depends on a quality class, properties of cement and some other factors.

The dosage and administration of supplements

      From 0.4 to 1.6% by weight of the liquid cement additive substance. Negligible overdosing additives do not affect the quality characteristics of products. 

      When dosing additives in terms of the weight of the cement additives desirable to adhere to the following order: First, calculate the weight of additives, based on bookmarks cement. Then you can calculate: Volume supplements, (l) = weight additives (kg) / Density supplements (exact density additives indicated in the passport, by lot or on the label).

      Introduced together with the mixing water. Do not inject into the dry mix!

      Dosage additives depending on the application temperature:
    Design temperature              solidification, ° C

The dosage of supplements, in% by weight of cement
        Modification "A" modification  «V»
from 0 to -5 0,4-0,7 0,8-1,4
from -5 to -10 0,7-1,0 1,4-2,0
from -10 to -15 1,0-1,3 2,0-2,6
from -15 to -20 1,3-1,6 2,6-3,2

Plasticizing action increases directly proportionally to quantity of the additive. Therefore, in a case when it is necessary to receive high mobility at small low temperatures (0 ≈ - 10°С) it is necessary to execute one or the other:

1.          To Increase an additive dosage;

2.       For the purpose of decrease in expenses, - additive introduction to carry out in set limits, and a plastification to achieve additional introduction of plasticizers or series superplasticizers « HIDETAL » (the section «Compatibility with other products» see)

Commodity description

Modular condition Liquid of commodity concentration
Colour From light yellow to darkly - brown
Density, g/cm3 1,245±0,03 (updating "A") 1,115±0,02(updating "V")
PH-indicator, unit, not less 5
Maintenance Cl¯, % no more 0,1
Mass fraction of solid matters, % not less 40,0±3,0 (updating "A") 20,0±2,0 (updating "V")
Storage temperature, °С from -30°S to +30°С
Packing Square of capacity 15, 220 and 1000 kg

Compatibility with other products

manufacturer investigated compatibility only with production "SKT-STANDARD". Compatibility with production of other manufacturers - was not checked.

"HIDETAL-GP-9" delta "A"

"HIDETAL -GP-9" delta "V" are compatible:

             With series plasticizers « HIDETAL», for increase in mobility of a mix at small negative temperatures, for the purpose of an exception of the over-expenditure of the additive.

             With SDO or SNV - for increase air entrainment;

             With a lime - at use in water mortars;

At sharing of additives it is necessary to provide separate introduction (with different parts of a mixing water) additives in a concrete mix. It is forbidden to mix additives among themselves!

Warranty and storage conditions

Shelf life - 1 year from date of manufacture. After expiration, the additive can be used as intended,       after laboratory testing.

      For storage conditions of special requirements. It is desirable to avoid prolonged direct sun exposure.

The effectiveness of additives

The following are excerpts from scientific and technical Scientific Technical Report published in 2012.

In trials following structures were used:

The mixture composition


with additive

Cement PC500-D0, kg



Sand = 2.5 kg



Crushed granite 5-20 kg



Water, l


190/ 162 *

"HIDETAL-GP-9" delta "A", by weight of cement


0,4-1,8% / 1,5%  (5,325 L.)*

OK, cm


25/ 12,0*



0,53 / 0,46 *

* - A fraction of the value:

the first number - the study of increasing mobility;

the second number - the study of water-reducing actions;

         Influence of a dosage on mobility of a concrete mix, fashions.  


                                          The analysis of a set of durability.

Concrete samples with the additive directly after manufacturing have been placed in the freezing chamber with temperature - 20°С:

- Samples for "cold" concrete - for 28 days;

- Samples for "warm" concrete - at 4 o'clock;

                 Telltale samples hardened in a standard conditions.

Trial of samples for "cold" concrete:

Samples for "cold" concrete after 28 days твердения in the freezing chamber have been sustained 24 hours at positive temperature 20±5 °С, with the subsequent strength test at compression. In accordance with GOST 24211-2008 indicator should not be less than 30 % from durability of the telltale sample hardening in a standard conditions.

Trial of samples for "warm" concrete:

Samples for "warm" concrete after 4 hours твердения in the freezing chamber have been sustained 28 days at positive temperature 20±5 °С, with the subsequent strength test at compression. In accordance with GOST 24211-2008 indicator should not be less than 90 % from durability of the telltale sample hardening in a standard conditions.

Structure Compressive strength
28 day standards. tv., MPa
"HIDETAL-GP-9" delta "A"
Compressive strength Curing Details
in% of control



"Cold" concrete   10,29 > 30
"Warm" concrete   42,0 122,8

         Definition of influence on protective properties of concrete in relation to an iron fittings.

Trials were spent in accordance with GOST by 31383 electrochemical method on concrete samples made of equal movable mixes with depth of immersion of a cone 2,5-3,5 Trials see were spent after a set by concrete of design durability in 28 days after manufacturing and in 3 and 6 months of trials in a mode of variable saturation by water and torre faction on 3 parallel samples of one structure.

indicators for corrosion of steel reinforcement
Characteristics in a passive state in accordance with GOST 3138 "HIDETAL-GP-9" delta "A"

after 28 days

after 3 months

6 after months
Passivation current density at a potential of +300 mV, mA / cm ²² to 10, inclusive 4,2








Potential by (60 ± 5) min. after tripping

. > 5.
>+5 +300









        Thus, it is seen that the valve in the samples is in a steady state passivation.