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Antifreeze additive

            "The best antifreeze additive - it's summer!"  With this joke concreters we completely agree. Yet the emphasis in our work we are paying developing antifreeze additives.

At present we provide are:

       - “HIDETAL-GP-9" delta" - A series of complex giperplastifikatorov on the basis of ether polycarboxylates for winter concreting at temperatures down to -20 ° C by the" cold concrete "

  • «HIDETAL-GP-9" delta «A» - giperplastifizer concreting on a "cold concrete" to -20C;
  • «HIDETAL-GP-9" delta «B» - a composition for winter concreting on a "cold concrete" to -20 ° C, and increased persistence of concrete up to 8 hours (for the production of ready-mixed concrete);
  • «HIDETAL-GP-9" delta «V» -giperplastifizer concreting on a "cold concrete" to-20C, with a lower concentration of the active substance;
           - Antifreeze additive on the basis of potash "WINTER-P-3" versions (-20 ° C) and (-30 ° C)

         - MIX "WINTER-P-3" (-20 ° C) and superplasticizer "UNIVERSAL-P-4" for effective plasticizing temperatures up to - 15 ° C. Such a mixture allows to reduce the dosage both additives doubled, which leads to a substantial reduction in the cost of concrete. This mix is ​​indispensable for use in winter masonry and other building solutions

        It should be noted that the winter concreting - a very important area, do not tolerate errors and performances. Therefore, we ask you to contact with your questions to our technology department - we will help you choose the compositions just for your work environment, in relation to your binder and fillers.


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