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             Despite the low cost, our softeners are manufactured from high quality raw materials.

High demand for dry formulations: "Universal P-2" and "LMG-P-1".  At a very reasonable cost, and the dry form of production, these supplements can significantly reduce the transport component in the economy of use of the additive. As part of both additives are accelerating complex, outlining the scope of their application - precast concrete.

In 2012, we released a new supplement: "HIDETAL-P-1".  This supplement is based on modified lignosulfonate, characterized by its versatility. High plasticizing effect (P1-P4), along with the low cost supplement has been successfully used by our customers in the production of ready-mixed concrete.

However, the high water-reducing effect of additives found its application in the production of structural concrete.

The manufacturers of precast concrete should pay attention to our hardening accelerator - softener "HIDETAL-P-7". Effective accelerating additive effect achieved using a set of accelerating elements in the additive. In particular, the additive is capable of providing 100% increase in strength of about 1-3 days bezdobavochnogo composition.