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              Superplasticizer Concrete in different compositions can be used in almost all areas of production of concrete and concrete products, ready-mixed concrete, etc.

Are the essential properties of superplasticizers at prizvodstvo precast and ready-mixed concrete. First of all, it is the process of reducing or eliminating vibration mix, improve product quality (reduction of marriage, reducing surface defects of products), lack of separation of mixtures.

In terms of cost of materials and energy superplasticizers allows to reduce the flow to 20% of cement, lower isothermal temperature to 50-60 ° C, which leads to significant savings in power and steam. Different sources give the total figure of reducing labor, material and energy costs (including the reduction of the depreciation of equipment, increased turnover snap and some others) - from 30% to 50%.

Our Company has produced three of superplasticizers:

  • "HIDETAL-S-3" - Supersoftener a wide range of applications. It can be used in the production of ready-mixed concrete with persistence and 1.5-ra hours, but is primarily intended for the manufacture of in-plant cycle. In developing the recipe "HIDETAL-C-3 ', special attention was paid to reducing the characteristic odor, typical of all superplasticizers based on naphthalene-formaldehyde.
  • "UNIVERSAL-P-4" - This is one of the first developments of our company still enjoys great demand due to better "price-quality" in a class of similar additives. The addition is intended for the companies producing precast concrete, because in addition to kneading and vodoredutsirovaniya concrete, has an accelerating complex, which can significantly reduce the time razopalublivaniya products.
  • "HIDETAL-P-5" - Superplasticizer for precast concrete, in particular plates and panels in magazines, manufacturing products for conveyor and flow-aggregate lines when casting gustoarmirovannyh monolithic structure or structures of complex geometry.