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Hi-tech lubricant for erect forms and a timbering


«S-1000» - release agent in moulding and timberings on the basis of esters of fatty acids. Components of animal parentage do not enter into composition.

Sphere of application

It is used as the antiadhesive (disconnecting) coating of metal, polyurethane and polypropylene forms at manufacturing of constructional concrete products and monolithic concreting with use of a quick-detachable timbering.


  • The REAL low expense - from 15 to 40 g. on м2, depending on complexity of geometry of the form;
  • IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE - is stable works on erect surfaces. At correct tuning up of a nozzle of sprayer - flowing off completely is absent;
  • Not soluble in water. It is used under any weather conditions;
  • Does not solidify to-15°S. Stable drawing by sprayer all building season.
  • Thehighest quality of a surface of concrete products;
  • Does not abandon traces, does not discolour also the surface invoice;
  • Has refining influence on a surface of forms - after распалубки mechanical cleaning of a surface of forms, simply enough to blow off or remove a dust is not required
  • Simplicity of application - is supplied in a ready kind;
  • Has no odour. In difference from the majority of lubricants, even at drawing on hot surfaces does not evolve sharp off-flavour.

The dosage and administration of supplements

«С-1000» it is recommended to put on a surface of the form sprayer. As drawing by any different way - a brush, the platen и.т.д is possible. However, in this case the lubricant expense will be too big.

Have well proved sprayers knapsack style phylum in professional execution. For example: Gloria 410Т or Mesto. Application of similar sprayers to the full opens economic benefit of use of lubricant and essentially facilitates and accelerates personnel work.

The information on acquisition knapsack style sprayers request in our trading departments or search on the Internet.

Use of the above-stated sprayers at processing metal бортоснастки simple geometry conducts to the expense which is not exceeding 20/1m2

Existing practice of application «С-1000» together with sprayer «Gloria 410Т» in production shows that sprayer cost pays off already through 1 - 2 months of use on production.

Commodity description

aggregate state Liquid Commodity concentration
Color yellow,transparent
Density, gm3 0,855±0,02
Storage temperature, ° C from -20°С to +50°С
Packing Plastic containers 15, 220 and 1000 kg

Safety and transportation

product falls into to 3 class of danger in accordance with GOST 12.1.007 (moderately dangerous material). The product is combustible! It is necessary to provide absence of a free flame, carrying out of welding works, etc. close with containers with an additive.

Not to put on the surfaces, which temperature above 80°С. As it is not necessary to treat surfaces in temperature above 55-60°С as it will lead to the accelerated evaporation of an additive and thereof - to absence of barrier effect.

Application of means of individual defence is necessary for the working personnel agrees GOST 12.4.011. At hit in eyes - abundantly to wash out water and if necessary - to revert to the doctor. Not to pour out in bedrock, the water drain or reservoirs! Additive salvaging should be effected according to requirements of the aboriginal legislation.

Warranty and storage conditions

Storage warranty period - 1 year from the date of production. After the storage expiry of the term, lubricant can be applied to destination, after carrying out of laboratory researches. To store in a dry and aired premise far from ignition sources, to protect from hit of direct sun rays. The maximum temperature for storage 50°С.

The effectiveness of additives

«С-1000»image. 1   

Results of use of lubricant «S-1000» together with hyperplastifier «HIDETAL-GP-9» an alpha "A" in production of products on cassette technology. Concrete В30 П5. Equipment metal. Surface operational development was not demanded. 


                                                                                                         image. 2
same cassette technology, on the same production, but with use of lubricant "Emulsol" and one of known superplastifiers. Mark of concrete the same: В30 П5. There is a yellowish colouring of a surface that testifies to a shallow layer of "Emulsola" on a surface which will interfere further with good adhesion at product operational development (a photo is made for 7 days before a photo on fig. 1