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Additive for the production of vibro pressed pieces.


The addition of hard and super stiff mixtures "HIDETAL-P-8" is designed for the manufacture of products using block-making.

The additive improves the compatibility of the mixture increased to reduce water absorption and frost resistance of the final products, improved mold ability eliminates products and sticking and also provides a high quality surface.

Sphere of application

  •  Pavement;
  •  curbstone;
  •  сonstructs drainage and drain trays;
  •  stone walling and cladding, ceramic blocks;
  •  heatblock;
  •  landscaping elements;


  •  Increasing the strength of concrete in all periods of hardening;
  •  More consistent product density;
  •  Improved sealability of concrete;
  •  Improving the quality of the front surface of the product;
  •  Prevent build-up of concrete on warm blocks;
  •  Reducing the mold;
  •  Ensuring the stability of the geometry of the final products;
  •  Liquid Commodity concentration is fully ready for use, does not require recalculations and density control;

The dosage and administration of supplements

From 0.2 to 0.5% by weight of cement according to the commodity auxiliary substance. Admixture dosage is determined experimentally for a particular type of sealing devices and the required degree of compaction.

Introduced into the concrete mix only with the mixing water.

Commodity description

Aggregate state

Liquid of commodity concentration


Transparently White

PH-indicator, units not least


The content of Cl ¯,% not more


Storage temperature, ° C

of +10°С to +40°С


Plastic containers 15, 220 and 1000 kg.

Safety and transportation

 The product is a 3-hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007   (moderately hazardous).

         Working personnel must use personal protective equipment according to GOST 12.4.011. Eye Contact - rinse thoroughly with water and, if necessary - see a doctor.

        Do not discharge into drains, soil or bodies of water! Disposal of supplements must be made according to local regulations.

Warranty and storage conditions

Shelf life - 1 year from date of manufacture. After expiration, the additive can be used as intended, after laboratory testing.

         After freezing does not change its properties. Defrosting supplements should be produced at room temperature. After thawing, mix thoroughly necessarily additive.

          For storage conditions of special requirements.

The effectiveness of additives

Below are the test protocols vibro pressed blocks

 finished products (paving), produced using additive "HIDETAL-P-8." Tests were carried out Niilit Bismil National Technical University, Minsk in September - November 2012.

Product description:

Concrete slabs, vibro, for sidewalks P21.11.6-MZ-a (manufacturer JSC "PSK" DIAN ").

A concrete mixture:

- Cement PC500 D0 - 460 kg (cement consumption is reduced relative to the base composition to 60kg)

- Sand pit, u = 2.3 - 1750 kg.

-Additive "Hidetal-P-8" - 0.24% by weight of the liquid cement additive substance.

Test object

Method of test

normed value

The resulting


Compressive strength, MPa

STB 1152-99,

p. 4.3, 7.1

not less than 28,9


Tensile strength in bending MPa

STB 1152-99,

п. 4.4, 7.1

not less than 3,6


Water absorption by weight of concrete,%

GOST 12730.3-78

Not more 6,0


erasability, g / cm ²

GOST 13087-81

Not more 0,7


Mark on frost resistance of concrete