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Additive for making mortar and manufacture of products on porous fillers.


Additive for any masonry or plaster, cooked on Portland cement or lime binder. The same additive is advisable to use as a plasticizer in the manufacture of concrete on the porous filler.

Sphere of application

  • Building solutions;
  • Lightweight concrete on porous fillers (expanded clay, expanded perlite, vermiculite);
  • Thermal insulating and constructive - insulating concrete on organic placeholders and placeholders of polystyrene;


  • Image of the entrained air to 20%, while maintaining the strength characteristics. This leads to a corresponding increase in volume of the mixture;
  • Improvement of the adhesion of mortar or concrete to the base;
  • It prevents shrinkage of the solutions and the formation of crack mesh;
  • Due to the decrease in the density of the mixture - improving the uniformity of lightweight aggregate concrete;
  • Increased plasticity, workability of the mixture;
  • Increased mobility of the mixture;
  • Increasing the time of the conservation mortars up to 6 hours;

The dosage and administration of supplements

From 0.2 to 0.7% by weight of cement according to the commodity auxiliary substance. Dosage additive is determined experimentally, depending on the purpose. Introduced into the concrete mix only with the mixing water.

Commodity description

Aggregate state Cloudy liquid of commodity concentration
Color transparent
PH-indicator, units not least 6,0
The content of Cl ¯,% not more 0,1
Storage temperature, ° C from 10°С to 40°С
Packing Plastic containers 15, 220 and 1000 kg.
For prolonged storage may drop the white precipitate soluble. Before the use of sludge should stir any convenient way.

Safety and transportation

           The product is a 3-hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007 (moderately hazardous).

     Working personnel must use personal protective equipment according to GOST 12.4.011. Eye Contact - rinse thoroughly with water and, if necessary - see a doctor.

          Do not discharge into drains, soil or bodies of water! Disposal of supplements must be made according to local regulations.

Warranty and storage conditions

Shelf life - 1 year from date of manufacture. After expiration, the additive can be used as intended, after laboratory testing.

After freezing does not change its properties. Defrosting supplements should be produced at room temperature. After thawing, mix thoroughly necessarily additive.

For storage conditions of special requirements.

The effectiveness of additives

Indicators Summary tests of strength, volume weight and mobility.

Tests were carried out for the solution of M75.

Composition of the mixture:

- Cement PC500 D20 - 245 kg

- Sand pit, u = 1.4 - 1570 kg.

- Water:

without additional staff - 302 liters.

Additional structure - 281 liters.

-Additive "Hidetal P-1" - 0.2% by weight of the liquid cement additive substance.


PK, cm

density of the mixture,

kg / m ³

The volume of entrained air

Strength, MPa





Without additive 6,2 1970 6,4 2,6 6,2
"Hidetal P1" 6,3 1885 14,0 2,8 7,9